6.3million overseas Pakistanis playing vital role in national economy

Around 6.3 million overseas Pakistanis residing in different parts of the world are effectively contributing to national exchequer with major portion from Middle East 49.2 per cent.

An official of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis told APP on Thursday that 28.3 per cent overseas Pakistanis belong to Europe while 16.2 per cent are from America.

The figure shows the major thrust from the Middle East countries where large number of Pakistanis reside, either for business or work purposes.

He said there were 18 countries, where overseas Pakistanis were more than 30,000 in number and with the effective policies of government the number of Overseas Pakistanis will further increase in future.

The foreign remittances and investment in the country by overseas Pakistanis were playing a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the country, he said.

To a question, he said that overseas Pakistanis asset for the country and their contribution in strengthening the economy can not be ignored.

He said the role of Overseas Pakistanis was important to put the country on the road of progress, prosperity and development.

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