Bahria Town increases transfer fees

Taking a cue from many other housing societies, Bahria Town increased transfer fees for properties. Although Bahria Town is a prominent developer with numerous dedicated projects to its name, this move might deter potential investors in the short term.

According to several real estate agents, Bahria Town does not have a particular schedule or percentage that it adheres to while increasing of transfer fees. Any and all changes are made at the sole discretion of the society’s management.

Agents seem slightly put off by this move as high transfer rates decrease investor activity. While this does not dissuade genuine buyers or those that wish to keep their property for the long term, those who invest for a quick turnaround are often discouraged as rising transfer fees reduce the potential for immediate profit.

However, this is quite a common step that many prominent housing societies take. Investors, unfortunately, have to deal with it. They grow accustomed to the new fee after a while just like they get used to the increase in prices in any other commodity. Ultimately, those who want to invest have to pay the fees. And they do. Therefore, this probably will not affect Bahria Town majorly in the long run.

The details of the revised transfer fees can be found in the tables below:

Residential Plots:

SizeTransfer Fee
5 MarlaPKR 45,000
8 MarlaPKR 88,000
10 MarlaPKR 110,000
1 KanalPKR 220,000
2 KanalPKR 440,000

Constructed Houses:

SizeTransfer Fee
5 MarlaPKR 100,000
8 MarlaPKR 160,000
10 MarlaPKR 225,000
1 KanalPKR 400,000
2 KanalPKR 800,000

Commercial Plots:

SizeTransfer Fee
2 MarlaPKR 100,000
4 MarlaPKR 200,000
5 MarlaPKR 250,000

 Sector F and Golf View Residencia:

SizeTransfer Fee
MarlaPKR 30,000
10 MarlaPKR 50,000
KanalPKR 100,000

For plots and houses of any other size, the transfer fee will be calculated according to the per marla cost of the property. Transfer fees after the death of the owner are 50% of the total fees mentioned above.

So, to what extent do you think the revised transfer fees will deter investor activity? Let me know in the comments below!


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