Nov 162017

Expats can apply online to get multiple cards issue resolved, The Express Tribune has reported

Overseas Pakistanis can now apply online for getting DUP clearance after the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) revised its relevant policy to facilitate the expatriate community.

A citizen obtaining two or more identity cards or certificates with different identity numbers is marked DUP in the NADRA database.

NADRA provided the online application facility in view of the hurdles faced by overseas Pakistani in getting their multiple identity cards issues resolved.

Talking toThe Express Tribune, Hafiz Ahsaan Khokhar, senior adviser law and grievance commissioner for Overseas Pakistanis, said that the Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat had issued letters to all Pakistani missions abroad, requesting them to display guidelines and information for all those facing the issue.

He said over the past many years, the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat had received a huge number of complaints from the overseas Pakistanis holding multiple identity cards with different particulars.

“Due to this, millions of overseas Pakistanis, especially living in USA and European countries, were facing numerous issues for the issuance of passports, visas or nationalities,” he said.

The Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat would now monitor the entire process and help overseas Pakistanis in the process, he said.

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Sep 082017


Due to the intervention of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab, as many as 34 Properties worth 240 million rupees have been retrieved from illegal pocession during the last two weeks. Vice chairperson OPC, Shaheen Khalid Butt while giving details in this regard revealed that the properties situated in Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad Divisions were under illegal occupation. OPC with the assistance of relevant District overseas Pakistanis committees got the said properties vacated and handed over to original owners. He said the OPC is a flagship initiative of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and under his dynamic leadership; OPC is pursuing a vigorous policy to address the issues of expatriate Pakistanis. Shaheen Khalid Butt further said that DOPCs are also playing an active role to address the issues faced by overseas Pakistanis and they can contact OPC anytime for the solution of their problems.


The Mechanism of complaint redressal is stated below:

Overseas Pakistanis can lodge their complaints to OPC through any one of three modes:

  • OPCComplaint Portal, from anywhere in the world.
  • OPC 24/7 Helpline, UAN: +92 42 111 672 672
  • OPC Helpdesk established in OPC office at 1- Club Road, GOR-I, Lahore

Once the complaint is received at OPC complaint portal it is scrutinized whether;

The complainant is an Overseas Pakistani as defined in Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Act, 2014.

Complainant has provided/attached all the relevant documents/information necessary for complaint processing.

If any of these two requirements are not met, complainant is asked to provide the missing details through phone, email and User Feedback box of OPC complaint portal. The complaint remains pending till the complainant provides the required details.

Depending on the issue involved, a complaint received to the Commission may be referred for redressal either to a Government Department or District Overseas Pakistanis Committee (DOPC). It is the prerogative of the Commissioner OPC to decide where a complaint is to be referred. The Director General OPC also enjoys this right.

After the required documents/ information is provided the complaint is “Referred” online to the concerned District Overseas Pakistanis Committee (DOPC) or Government Department for its redress in a month time, with an initial response time of 7 days. The complaint is assigned to a “Dealing Officer” (an officer of OPC) who is responsible for tracking the progress of complaint redress process and coordinates between complainant and the DOPC/Department.

The District Overseas Pakistanis Committee or the department processes the complaint, calls in reports from field formation, summons and hears both parties in its meeting to resolve the issue.

A report is submitted to OPC and complaint is “Referred Back” on the complaint portal after finalization of the complaint redress process.

Performance of DOPC/Department is reviewed constantly and reminders are issued if complaint is not resolved in stipulated time.

The final report by the DOPC/Department is scrutinized by the OPC and if the complainant is satisfied and confirms that his/her grievance has been redressed, the complaint is tagged as “Resolved”, by the Commissioner.

If OPC or complainant feels that District Committee or Department has not done enough and complaint is not redressed, it is again referred to DOPC/Department.

In the whole process of redressal the complainant can remain updated through, User Feedback box of OPC complaint portal. Overseas Pakistanis are also welcome to visit the OPC office for this purpose.



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Aug 222017

Pakistanis working abroad will no longer be required to sign up for a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), officials from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) told lawmakers on Monday.

An amendment to the NADRA Ordinance to remove the condition for Pakistanis working abroad has been sent to the interior ministry for approval, NADRA officials informed the National Assembly’s Committee on Overseas Pakistanis during a briefing.

The fee to obtain a NICOP will also be reduced, the committee was told.

Obtaining, modifying or renewing a NICOP can cost over Rs10000 according to the fee structure currently imposed by NADRA available on its website. Dawn report

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Jul 292017

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), Sheikh Anser Aziz has approved new SOPs to ensure the allotment of plots to the affectees of Islamabad in a transparent manner.

“ New SOPs will guarantee the genuine rights as well as the process for allotment of plot to the affectees in transparent manner so that the real issues of these affectees could be addressed,” the CDA chairman Sheikh Ansar Aziz said.

The CDA chairman had imposed ban on allotment of plots to the affected people in order to ensure transparency in the process. During the period of ban, the CDA chairman also faced immense pressure from some political circles including some parliamentarians but he continued with his decision.

Talking about the new SOPs, Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz said that he has taken serious notice of irregularities reported in allotment of plots to the affectees in the past. He further said that detailed inquiry has been conducted about these irregularities in Land Directorate, adding that action could be taken against officers and officials involved in irregularities.

Sheikh Anser Aziz said that reforms have been introduced in Land Directorate and officers and officials have been transferred who have been working in Land Directorate for a very long tenure saying the group of these officers and officials was a mafia. The purpose of imposition of ban on allotment of plots, was to work out a transparency to minimise the difficulties faced by the affectees of Islamabad, he added.

He said that the role of affectees in the development of Islamabad is vital, which cannot be neglected. He said that under new allotment policy, deserving people will get their genuine rights and there would be no chance of irregularities.

Sheikh Anser Aziz said that under the new allotment SOPs, responsibilities from dealing assistant to Member Estate have been defined to hold a specific person responsible involved in any irregularity.

As per new SOPs, the affectees and legal heirs of deceased affectees / attorney will personally submit the application addressed to Director Land and Rehabilitation for allotment of plot, which will contain attested copy of CNIC (to be verified from Nadra), fresh farad of land from Revenue Department of ICT, copy of ‘Qabza-e-Wasool’ attested by Assistant Director Land, copy of Naqsha-II attested by Assistant Director Land, two photographs, an affidavit and undertaking with signature /CNICs of two witnesses declaring wherein that no rehabilitation benefit has been received earlier and possession of land being considered has been handed over to CDA. In case of legal heir ship, copy of ‘warasatnama’ and succession certificate attested by Assistant Director Land and attested copy of electricity bill verifying the record. Further process will include, Revenue report with detail of total quantum of land/with previous report if any, Nadra verification, concerned dealing assistant report for previous allotment if any, vetting of all documents / report from CDA counsel and Deputy Commissioner, CDA and possession report from ‘patwari’ and affidavit from the owners.

As far as the cases of Build-up Property (BUP) are concerned, Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz further informed that the affectees / legal heirs of deceased affectee will submit the application addressed to Director Land Rehabilitation for allotment of plot, which will contain attested copy of CNIC, attested copy of award list, attested copy of ‘Qabza-i-Wasool’, two photographs, an affidavit and undertaking with signature and CNICs of two witnesses declaring wherein that no rehabilitation benefit has been handed over to CDA.

In case of legal heir ship, copy of ‘warasatnama’ / Succession Certificate attested by Assistant Director Land and Deputy Commissioner, CDA. As far as further formalities are concerned that include demolishing report along with pictures of houses before and after demolishing with land owner and Patwari of CDA clearly visible in the pictures, Patwari report and stamp paper of land owner, payment report, Nadra verification report, concerned dealing Assistant report for previous allotment if any, vetting of all documents / reports from CDA counsel and Deputy Commissioner, CDA and removal report of electricity bill from Wapda.

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz further informed that after principle approval of case from Member Estate, Director Land and Rehabilitation will return back the case to Additional Director Land and Rehabilitation / Estate Affectee for inclusion in the list for earmarking of plot number through manual open balloting in the presence of two members of CDA Board, date of which will be advertised in at least three leading newspapers.

He further said that record of vacant plots will be kept with Director Land and Rehabilitation and Land Survey will assist / update the same. After balloting, dealing assistant will prepare allotment letter as per balloting result and submit the same to Deputy Director through AOR for signature, he said. He added that after the allotment letter is signed/embossed and dispatched, case file will be forwarded to Estate Affectees Section for red entry in record and further process as per policy.

, Sheikh Anser Aziz informed that a balloting committee will comprise Director Land and Rehabilitation as its chairman, director security and deputy commissioner, CDA as members of the committee and deputy director concerned as member-cum-secretary. He said that earmarking of plot will be made through manual balloting by the above proposed allotment committee on fortnightly basis in the presence of two members of CDA Board.

He further told that all the already approved cases / files by the ex-DDG Land are to be re-processed and get fresh approval from Member Estate after completing all formalities in accordance with new policy. The mayor expressed his hope that new allotment policy will control irregularities and affectees of Islamabad would get their genuine rights in a transparent manner.

The News

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Jul 202017

ISLAMABAD: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has upgraded its academic faculties for the overseas Pakistanis, particularly those living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Sultanate of Oman and Bahrain.

The AIOU is the only public sector institution in the country that has been providing educational facilities to the Pakistani citizens abroad for the last many years, through distance learning system, a press release Wednesday said.

Some of the programmes have been upgraded as per the directives of the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui. Accordingly online learning system is being introduced that is compatible with international standard.

The programmes are being offered include Allisan-ul-Arabi (Basic Arabic Course),`Arabic Bool Chal’, Secondary School Certificate (Metric), Higher Secondary School Certificate (FA), bachelor degree and short-term courses.

Admission in these programmes will start from August 1. Aspiring candidates would be able to download admission forms from the university’s official website.

The Pakistanis stationed in these countries could submit their admissions forms along with the prescribed fee in foreign currency within the stipulated date. Last date of the admission will be September 5.

According to the Directorate of Overseas Education, as per the directives of the vice chancellor the overseas Pakistanis are being provided maximum facilities in admission, examination and books’ mailing process. – APP

Please click below link for more details;


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May 192017

By Muhammad Javed

According to a news item an Overseas Pakistanis Convention would be held in December this year where His Excellency the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would be the guest of hour.

Seeing how emotional, practically, the Overseas Pakistanis whether an illiterate labourer in a Saudi desert site or a highly educated Engineer in Canada was towards the famousقرض اتارو ملک سنوارو scheme, Main Nawaz Sharif called an Overseas Pakistanis Convention in Islamabad in 1997. Taking advantage of the over-enthusiasm of the participants, Mian Sahib as the Chief Guest told those attendees that they were all “our” family members whether holding Pakistani or foreign nationality and that the doors of their motherland were always open for them.

As soon as these so called family members happily returned back, Mian Sahib introduced a separate identity card for these “family members” on very huge fees which was really unaffordable to the majority. Many termed it as a sort of new tax. The participants in a symposium organized by Daily Jang termed the purpose as to earn money only. Later on Mr. Zafarullah Jamali as PM feeling the injustice drastically reduced this fee. Tasting how tasty the newly introduced NICOP fantasy was in fetching the money, the next Government created another new item Pakistan Origin Card. To meet ever increasing expenses on, huge over huge salaries and perks to new appointees, Main Sahib from July 1, 2015 introduced a new tax on OPs but only on the “poorest” in shape of extra charge on remittances through legal channel.

I pray ALLAH that whatever is good for us, the ordinary of this poor debit ridden country that may come in the “Panama JIT” final before this forthcoming Convention brings a new financial burden on us.


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May 142017

Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered for the establishment of special cells in the Supreme Court and High Courts for redressal of complaints of the overseas Pakistanis and also asked the chief justices of high courts to come up with concrete proposals to minimise delay in litigations. The chief justice also took serious notice of delay in completion of the Islamabad jail project Continue reading »

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May 052017

Just because they support PTI: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan slammed ruling party for ‘raising question on patriotism of overseas Pakistanis’.

On his Twitter account, Khan wrote that due to PTI’s large support among overseas Pakistanis the ruling party is now targeting them.

The PTI chairman was referring to the latest case filed by PML-N leader Hanif Abbasi in Supreme Court about foreign funding of the party and raising question on Imran Khan’s ‘patriotism’ under Article 62 and 63.

Khan further criticized PMLN leadership stating it is really shameful that ruling party is targeting Pakistanis residing abroad even though they send almost $20billion remittances annually to the country.

The case is underway in Supreme Court and being heard by larger bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.

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