First Pakistan community medical centre in Dubai

The not-for-profit health-care facility will be built through ‘own a brick’ campaign

Dubai: In a novel attempt to raise funds for a multi-speciality medical centre, the Pakistan Association in Dubai (PAD) has launched an ‘own a brick’ campaign for the Dh12 million facility.

The first-ever not-for-profit Pakistan Medical Centre project will be launched on August 14, the Independence Day of Pakistan. The centre will be housed in a two-storey building which will cost Dh12 million. PAD offers community members 12,000 bricks to own with a price tag of Dh1,000 for each brick in a bid to raise Dh12 million for the construction of the building, which will be completed in 18 months.

“We don’t want to raise funds through donation but offer community members a chance to have their share in the medical centre which will cater to the low-income group of people offering top class health-care facilities,” said Dr Faisal Ikram, general secretary of PAD, while addressing a press conference on Tuesday.

He said at least 1,000 bricks will also be offered to the low-income group so that they can contribute even Dh100 each to have their share in the construction of the building.

“We are sure to achieve our target as more than 1.4 million Pakistani expatriates live in the UAE. There should not be any problem in attracting 12,000 people to ‘own a brick’ for the noble cause.



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