Free life insurance cover to overseas Pakistanis

 Offer from Xpress Money to expatriates in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

Xpress Money in association with Union Insurance launched remittance industry’s first free life insurance for overseas Pakistanis working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Kuwait.

Designed specifically to suit the blue collared population, this monthly renewable free life insurance scheme is available to any person remitting money through Xpress Money.

This pioneering insurance will provide a life insurance protection of 15, 000 Saudi riyals/1150 Kuwaiti dinars including 5000 Saudi riyals/390 Kuwaiti dinars (approximately) of repatriation expenses of the mortal remains, something not many insurance companies cover.

The life insurance benefit will be available to any person remitting money through Xpress Money for a period of one month from the day the customer makes a transaction. A remitter can avail this life insurance free of cost irrespective of the amount transacted.

Rizwan Hamdani Country Manager Pakistan Xpress Money said, “Majority of the Pakistani expats from blue-collared category, residing and working in the KSA and Kuwait, generally work in hazardous conditions at construction sites, factories etc. We launched this free life insurance scheme because we are sensitive to humanity and believe that every life is priceless. We are glad to be associated with Union Insurance a leading insurance brand in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region in creating a new milestone in the remittance sphere.

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