By Muhammad Javed

According to a news item an Overseas Pakistanis Convention would be held in December this year where His Excellency the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would be the guest of hour.

Seeing how emotional, practically, the Overseas Pakistanis whether an illiterate labourer in a Saudi desert site or a highly educated Engineer in Canada was towards the famousقرض اتارو ملک سنوارو scheme, Main Nawaz Sharif called an Overseas Pakistanis Convention in Islamabad in 1997. Taking advantage of the over-enthusiasm of the participants, Mian Sahib as the Chief Guest told those attendees that they were all “our” family members whether holding Pakistani or foreign nationality and that the doors of their motherland were always open for them.

As soon as these so called family members happily returned back, Mian Sahib introduced a separate identity card for these “family members” on very huge fees which was really unaffordable to the majority.  Many termed it as a sort of new tax.  The participants in a symposium organized by Daily Jang termed the purpose as to earn money only.  Later on Mr. Zafarullah Jamali as PM feeling the injustice drastically reduced this fee. Tasting how tasty the newly introduced NICOP fantasy was in fetching the money, the next Government created another new item Pakistan Origin Card.  To meet ever increasing expenses on, huge over huge salaries and perks to new appointees, Main Sahib from July 1, 2015 introduced a new tax on OPs but only on the “poorest” in shape of extra charge on remittances through legal channel.

I pray ALLAH that whatever is good for us, the ordinary of this poor debit ridden country that may come in the “Panama JIT” final before this forthcoming Convention brings a new financial burden on us.


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