IEP to launch housing scheme for engineers in Islamabad

Institution of Engineers Pakistan on Saturday announced that it will soon launch a housing scheme as well as a welfare fund for engineering community.


This announcement was made by Engineer Hussain Ahmad Siddiqui, Chairman of the IEP-Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre, while addressing a meeting on the occasion of Engineers’ Day. Some other proposals for social welfare of its registered engineers were also being actively considered including a plan for providing professional guidelines and training to the young engineers.


The IPE’s local centre has also chalked out plan of activities including holding of workshop and seminars during the year on engineering related-issues. The emphasis are being laid on arranging job-oriented and skill-based programmes for their members that equip themselves with latest techniques and technology, bringing their work at the level of international standard.


Highlighting the recent initiatives taken by IEP for professional development of the engineering community, Engineer Hussain Ahmed Siddiqui said they have embarked on new areas, such as adopting emerging technologies, promoting state-of-the-art skills, developing entrepreneurship and providing high-tech employment for young engineers.


Pursuant to the policies of the democratic government, salutary measures have been taken by the IEP to assist various ministries, departments and agencies, enabling the country to achieve its development goals for securing a prominent place among developing nations in not too distant a future.

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