Imran Khan’s ‘One Village One Overseas Pakistani proposal’

 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has come up with an interesting proposal, saying he would urge overseas Pakistanis to sponsor the development of at least one village back home.

He was talking to media at a hotel here on Wednesday where 67 former nazims and naib nazims announced joining the PTI.

On this occasion, Imran Khan welcomed them and said that his party would hold local government elections in three months after coming into power to empower people at the grassroots.

Elaborating on his ‘One Village One Overseas Pakistani’ proposal, Khan said that all the developmental work in villages would be monitored through satellite cameras to ensure transparency in the development projects. He appealed to overseas Pakistanis to take responsibility for the development of 50,000 villages across the country.

The PTI chief, while idealising the real role of the parliamentarians as it was being observed in all developed countries told the audience that if his party would come into power then the role of all members of the national and provincial assemblies would be limited to law-making for the benefit of citizens. He also confirmed that there was no concept of giving welfare funds to the parliaments across the world.

He said that Pakistan was the only country where no local bodies system existed. He said that PTI is committed to putting in place local bodies system, adding that carrying out development work is the responsibility of local bodies.

PTI chairman said that PML-N leader and former chief minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif was in possession of more funds as compared to the prime minister but he did nothing for the sake of the province and the country.

Reiterating the stance to not go in alliance with any party in the upcoming elections, Imran Khan urged the voters not to cast their votes to the conservative and corrupt politicians on May 11. He also claimed that his party would introduce austerity measures stopping all lavish spending by the previous governments after getting power in upcoming elections.

DT report by Kashif Hussain

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