Muhammad Javed

javed-f3I don’t exactly know how many offices in the name of Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) like Punjab OP Commissioner, Federal OP Commissioner, OPF, Overseas Division, Overseas Ministries, special cells for Ops and welfare officers abroad exist.  All these practically are to provide jobs to dear ones. Police Stations for OPs abroad are also in the pipeline.  Public Accounts Committee has already recorded that Ministries of Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Affairs had no interest with OPs where the Government of India has done so and so.

A threat under the name of a Final Notice has been sent by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) advising my wife to clear her dues by 30th July failing which, her plot is liable for cancellation.  There appears to be no  “شرم وحیا  “ viz that this Notice dated 01 July has actually been posted from Islamabad on 29 July, just a day before the deadline.  Oh, please let me correct it, not just a day before deadline but just a few hours of deadline. There is no  “شرم وحیا  “ that the deadline 30st July was Saturday when the OPF Deputy Director Estate serving this notice would himself locking his office be enjoying weekend holiday at home with his family.


Despite knowing that the allottee my wife is resident abroad this threat has been sent at her address in Pakistan, so that it gets expired.  There is no mention how much dues, if any, were to be paid and on what account.  While these lines were being scribbled, a semi-literate worker puzzled and in panic phoned me that this morning he got this Notice too.  On the given phone number when he contacted OPF to explain that he had cleared all installments, one Mr. Khalil told him that OPF was going to construct a boundary wall for which he should send Rs. 28,000 or Rs. 30,000.  When this worker asked why this was not communicated to him through a letter, Mr. Khalil, as per this worker, advised him to consider this telephonic conversation as a written notice.


The height of “efficiency” is that my senior citizen wife has been “addressed” as my Son.  Expecting one day margin from starting its journey from Islamabad to abroad and response back to Islamabad can only be expected over dozed good governanced Pakistan.   Posting a vital important Notice only a few hours, repeat few hours, before deadline is a criminal negligence and with an ulterior motive only to cancel the plot to re-allot the same to some undeserving dear one.   Since in the land where resting in eternal peace is Shahansha Jehangir and Adal-e-Jehangiri is prevailing in different forms quoted above, I am more than confident that no one will take note of it.


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