Lahore Cantonment Board appoints focal persons for overseas Pakistanis 1

 LAHORE: The Lahore Cantonment Board (LCB) and Walton Cantonment Board (WCB) have appointed focal persons to redress grievances of overseas Pakistanis in their respective jurisdictions. The decision in this regard was taken in a meeting between OPC commissioner Afzaal Bhatti and Cantonment Executive officers (CEOs) of both boards. Additional CEO Haider Mirza was nominated as the focal person for LCB and Additional CEO Zia Hassan for the WCB. The meeting decided that the OPC would provide access to both boards to its web portal.

Originally Published in The Express Tribune, May 14th, 2016


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One thought on “Lahore Cantonment Board appoints focal persons for overseas Pakistanis

  • Usman nazir

    Hello Lahore Cantonment board CEO
    I am very happy to see cantonment board try to help overseas people I want heigh light one off my visit
    Just to let you I been my last visit in cantonment
    Board lahore but I am very disappointed for your
    One off staff member how work as a garden branch his name Mr. Khadim bhatti who have very strong power in Lahore cantonment board one my friend take me to see him and have his right hand his name mr Ameen he work in same garden branch they called there self as a don in Lahore cantonment board I ask him how I they cut in side my house tree but he said he will do it in a week then I wait two week but no one come I come again I go to Mr. Khadim Bhatti room he site with his right hand mr ameen both of them say sorry we are very bizzy but we will do it after Mr. Khadim Bhatti says some things mr Ameen and
    Mr. Khadim Bhatti Wake way to say I be back in 10 min then mr ameen said we can do it but if you pay some fee then we do it tomorrow no problem then I said but which fee then he laugh and said we have to give some sport to over CEO otherwise it take long time I am so shocked the way he said and one off your offfice staff told me that in Lahore board without Mr. Khadim Bhatti
    Is impossible to do anything because he hold TGR
    Brach and garden Barnch because he have very strong hand and very good ralation with CEO that’s why they hold not only two brach they can do anything in Lahore board sorry to say but like these people are in Lahore board then I don’t think so that lahor board and I check my self they have very strong sorcise and then I go back to my home and know 4 month know nothing happen it’s mean they are the don off lahore cantonment board
    If sir you want to change your lahore board dons then we can says not they hold the lahore cantonment board hope it can help to people to come lahore cantonment board