Land mafia occupying properties of overseas Pakistanis 1

Senior Member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Former Governor of Punjab Mohammad Sarwar has said “Pakistan is in the brink of an economic downturn.

Corruption is a cancer in our nation which has deeply permeated in every strata of our society. It is a multi-faceted problem which can only be fought back through all possible fronts of sincerity. In addition to this, given the current political dogma, our most valuable asset; overseas Pakistani’s are terrified to return back home.”

During a reception held in Glasgow, in honor of Labor Party Candidate; Anas Sarwar, the former governor stressed on the current situation of overseas Pakistanis. He stated; “Thousands of Overseas Pakistanis are being harassed by ‘Land Mafias’ who have declared ownership rights on their properties. The properties are being taken over in Pakistan whereas the victims are engaged in protracted legal battles with a hope to get back their property rights. It is agonizing to know that the state looks away from this underlying problem. Every Pakistani irrelevant to where he/she resides should be granted protection.”

He also emphasised on the need for having a strong judiciary system in Pakistan. He asserted; “One of the key fundamental factors that is important for Pakistan to function is ‘Justice’. Without justice, no society can exist. Judiciary being one of the most vital organs of a state contributes to the stability of the society. However, when justice is delayed, the nation plunges into anarchy. Pakistan lacks a strong judicial system. A huge vacuum of extremism, terrorism and sectarianism has resulted which has plagued our motherland.”

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One thought on “Land mafia occupying properties of overseas Pakistanis

  • Basharat Ali

    Dear Sir,
    This is Basharat from Dubai, i would like to ask how can i lodge a complaint against Property Dealer? One and half years ago i have bought a 5 Marla plot on a stamp paper, i paid Rs.150,000/- in advance and the rest amount was due after 6 month, on due date! i was here in Dubai but my brother was there in Pakistan. He spoke to dealer take your rest money and be register the plot on my brother’s name but the dealer spoke, Govt has temporarily stop transferring the land in our area, you pay Rs.100,000/- more then we will extend the due date,
    my brother said! you transfer land on our name and get your all money. they became silent. after 6 month i went to Pakistan for vocation. i met the dealer for transferring the land.then he spoke, you are failed to pay on time and now you don’t have right to land and your advance payment.
    this month i again went to Pakistan on emergency leave for transferring the land or refund the advance, but they are not giving me my money either land.

    Sir , please let me know how can i complaint against him and i can not go every time to Pakistan because i have job here.

    Looking Forward to your kind reply and suggest.