Law amended to save overseas Pakistanis from qabza mafia 1

To secure the property of overseas Pakistanis, the Senate has decided to provide legal assistance to all emigrants whose property is threatened by the “qabza mafia” by amending the Emigration Ordinance 1979.

The emigration Amendment Bill  will provide legal assistance within 25 days after receiving a complaint related to the illegal disposition of property and after all the relevant documents are submitted.

The government will then refer the complaint to a session’s court under the relevant law and appoint a legal counsel with the consent of the complainant, while ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to protect the legal interests of complainants.

Meanwhile, as the complaints are being handled by the director general throughout the process, a quarterly report will be submitted to the federal government regarding the status of the complaints received. The bill was introduced in the Senate on Monday, and was passed, unopposed.

It was moved by Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio after being cleared by the Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

The reason behind the change in legislation is the wave of complaints by non-resident Pakistanis whose properties have been confiscated by the land mafia and, in certain cases, by individuals.

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One thought on “Law amended to save overseas Pakistanis from qabza mafia

  • Tahira Junaid Ijaz

    I have sent few emails but they do not even reply, what is the point of creating compliant cell. I am not even sure if someone is working for overseas Pakistanis. This qabza mafia has taken my land and I am sending emails to everyone and nobody is helping, my case is in the court at the moment and I have to pay to just move my file. My land and now I have to pay to get it from this mafia. PLEASE HELP