Law amended to save overseas Pakistanis from qabza mafia 4

To secure the property of overseas Pakistanis, the Senate has decided to provide legal assistance to all emigrants whose property is threatened by the “qabza mafia” by amending the Emigration Ordinance 1979.

The emigration Amendment Bill  will provide legal assistance within 25 days after receiving a complaint related to the illegal disposition of property and after all the relevant documents are submitted.

The government will then refer the complaint to a session’s court under the relevant law and appoint a legal counsel with the consent of the complainant, while ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to protect the legal interests of complainants.

Meanwhile, as the complaints are being handled by the director general throughout the process, a quarterly report will be submitted to the federal government regarding the status of the complaints received. The bill was introduced in the Senate on Monday, and was passed, unopposed.

It was moved by Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio after being cleared by the Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

The reason behind the change in legislation is the wave of complaints by non-resident Pakistanis whose properties have been confiscated by the land mafia and, in certain cases, by individuals.

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4 thoughts on “Law amended to save overseas Pakistanis from qabza mafia

  • Tahira Junaid Ijaz

    I have sent few emails but they do not even reply, what is the point of creating compliant cell. I am not even sure if someone is working for overseas Pakistanis. This qabza mafia has taken my land and I am sending emails to everyone and nobody is helping, my case is in the court at the moment and I have to pay to just move my file. My land and now I have to pay to get it from this mafia. PLEASE HELP

  • Hassan

    My mother despite paying all the arrears and dues in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad about 17 years ago, the land plot has not been handed over till date – when and who will give my mother her right? Officials authorities are are requested again and again that all the arrears of land were paid ahead of time but the land plot has not been given till date? Since when has my old mother been demanding her land but deaf ear – who will listen to her cry?

  • Mohammad Irshad

    The Manager, Mohammad Irshad
    Pak Identity Card NO. 33024-303424-7
    Mobile Phone : 004492337794
    Home Phone : 00442083679909
    CDA REF: Director (L&R)DY 1961 Address: 45, Woodridge Close,
    Chief Justice: HRC NO.13753-2011 Enfield EN2-8HJ, London, England.
    Acquisition of our Plot by CDA-1983

    Dear Sir, In 1977 my wife (Mrs Nusrat Sultana Irshad) an Overseas Pakistani Teacher, teaching in United Kingdom, bought a Residential (Sakni) plot of 4Kanal-14 Marlas, with official land Registration and Intaqal (Khasra No. 1518/2 and 1523, in village Jahangi Sayedan), on main Rawalpindi/Peshawar road, Islamabad. In 1983 our residential Plot was acquired by the CDA for the extension of of EMA College in Islamabad. Since 1983 that is within 37 years span, me and my wife travelled from London to Islamabad Pakistan, for numerous time, to visit CDA office to claim compensation. Each time we met with one excuse or the other. In 1990 we write to Wafaqi Mohtasib and on 26.09.1990 both the Deputy Director of CDA and Wafaqi Mohtsib’s secretariat, wrote to inform us about our entitlement and availability of ‘Twelve and Half Acres of State Land’ in District Jahang. However, CDA failed to offer us anything concrete, except excuses. In 1992, my wife died, with her wish to make her own house , in Pakistan. On 24thApril,2007 and April, 2011(after my retirement) I went twice to Pakistan and spent long time in Islamabad, meeting and requesting the CDA Chairman, CDA Directors’, Deputy Directors, Payment Officers and Tehsildar to presume my claim and request for compensation. CDA Officers offered nothing but excuse after excuse. On 28.05.2012 , I wrote to Chief Justice, who after consultation with CDA, sent me the written version of CDA excuse, to correct the paper work, for my residential plot. On 28.05.2014 , once again I travelled to Islamabad, Pakistan, and contacted the Additional Commissioner Revenue Department, to correct the paper work of our residential plot. The corrected paper work was sent to CDA Islamabad. I would like add here that I have in my possession, all the relevant documents of our plot. I am 79 years’ old retired teacher /pensioner, living in London, and have been fighting for compensation, for last for last 37 years. I would like to request you as my as my last hope, to help me , to request CDA to compensate us me, for my acquired property. It could be either an alternative plot in Islamabad, or financial , based on present valuation of my plot of 4kanals-14 Marlas Plot in Islamabad
    Mohammad Irshad (husband of Mrs Nusrat Sultan Irshad) Date: 03.12.2020

  • Farman khan

    Plz I buy land for street for masjid and some one make wall there. I want to request to govt to help me I am living in Uk. District Attock Taseel Hazroo p o Rangoo village Tajak