Luxury and property taxes in Sindh and Punjab 2

Budget 2013-14

Sindh government imposed increased taxes on urban property and services, enhanced the property taxes on rental income from 20 percent to 25 percent as a fiscal measure.

The Punjab government has levied a one-time luxury tax on 2 kanal and bigger houses while widows owning less than 4 kanal houses will be

exempted. A one-time tax of Rs 500,000 would be levied on the residential bungalows measuring 2-4 kanal, Rs 1 million on 4-8 kanal houses and Rs 1.5 million on houses bigger than 8 kanal. In addition 5% Capital Gains Tax is being imposed on the sellers of properties.


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2 thoughts on “Luxury and property taxes in Sindh and Punjab

  • Aamir

    Now corrupt government officials can see your bank accounts also which will lead to widespread corruption and blackmailing. 0.5% wealth tax is another blow to the common man. Now only overseas pakistanies will send dollars to Pakistan and Pakistanis will buy those dolars and send out of the country. This is the worst budget a government could introduce. This is the first gift of PMLN to Pakistani nation. Aagay aagay daikhiay hota hai kia.


    Now our new government will be attacking to 5 Marla housing TAX coming . They don’t no how much INCOME of that person , yes one person have 5 Marla
    but his income our government don’t want to see . AB KON AAYE GA SHEER AA GIA ,, JUNGLE MAIN KON BACHEY GA .