Malik Riaz announces Golf City and Overseas Block for overseas Pakistanis 1

Bahria Town boss Malik Riaz Hussain announced Golf City and Overseas Block on the insistence of overseas Pakistanis. He said after great response to Bahria Golf City Karachi, he is announcing Overseas Block comprising 500 square yards, 1000 square yards and 2000 square yards plots and 500 square yards and 1000 square yards luxury houses on the demand of overseas Pakistanis. He said the number of these plots and houses would be limited.


He said Altaf Hussain University in Hyderabad will be completed within two years where students of all backgrounds and ethnicities will be educated without discrimination or political involvement.


Addressing a press conference here, Malik Riaz announced that Altaf Hussain University will be inaugurated on Friday in Hyderabad and more universities will be established, creating jobs for tens of thousands of people in the mega city.


Malik Riaz said a medical college will be established in the city as well as two more universities, one named after Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.He said the establishment of university in Karachi was the genuine demand of Altaf Hussain, as it will help facilitate students from ordinary backgrounds.


Malik Riaz spoke on a range of subjects and said it was a miracle that his projects were running successfully in Pakistan as a proof that dedication and hard work pay off whereas the government projects of development suffer delays and corruption because of lack of dedication and institutional corruption.


“The formula that we have adopted is the same that can be applied on whole of Pakistan to make it a developed and functional democracy but for that we have to change our direction and introduce honesty at all levels,” he said.


He said Bahria Town was doing the same services that governments do but at a small level with greater efficiency. He said all Bahria town projects were running extremely successfully and people living in Bahria Town schemes live there with satisfaction and under full security.


He said the successful running of his projects showed that things can work in Pakistan better than anywhere else when there is no interference and when there is clarity of purpose.


He said Pakistan could be on a par with the UK, Dubai and other countries within two years if sincere efforts were made to make the country functional on these models but the biggest issue was that of mismanagement and selfishness.


He said Pakistan was a great tourist attraction but it has been neglected and no investment made in this area. He said that he had given many proposals to government for collaboration on mega development projects but awaited response.


Malik Riaz said that it was a fact that of all provincial chief ministers in Pakistan, only Shahbaz Sharif was working hard and delivering. He advised the chief ministers of other provinces to emulate Shahbaz Sharif and work hard in their provinces.


Malik Riaz announced that he will bear expenditures for the treatment of injured students and staff of Army Public School who cannot be treated in Pakistan.


He said the Government of Pakistan should arrange their visas while Bahria Town will be responsible for all the expenditures of treatment abroad. Malik Riaz said loadshedding could be finished and he had the formula for that if the government was interested. He said Bahria Town was involved in Thar and North Waziristan and will continue to do its best to provide relief to some of the most deserving people.

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One thought on “Malik Riaz announces Golf City and Overseas Block for overseas Pakistanis

  • Khan

    Malik Riaz son of a bitch is certified thug — fraud — In legal terms whatever plot he offers for sale do not become buyer property that many of us do not know. 99.99% of these lands are on 99 years lease that will expire after few generation and will go back to real owner at the end. DO NOT BUY MALIK RIAZ PROPERTIES OR INVEST IN FRADULENT SCHEMES THAT THIS THUG OFFERS — THESE ARE MEGA SCAMS IN THE LONG RUN.