By Muhammad Javed

According to the well-known anchor Dr. Shahid Masood (Live with Dr. Shahid Masood 16 November 2016), the letter from Qatari Price presented to the Court by the defense Lawyer in Panama Leaks was attested by the “Pakistani Ambassador in Qatar”.  He questioned “do the Ambassadors attest the documents?”

  1. A lot has been said in the talk shows about the said letter.  While I have not even the remotest doubt at all on the authenticity of the letter, I will add that the comments on the wording or drafting language of the letter are undue.  I have lived in the Middle East for about 33 years.  I know well the style of English drafting in the region.  Mostly Pakistanis and Indians are working as personal staff of the elite.  And the standard of education and English drafting of this staff is, at par, what we see today from our new college/university turn outs 90% of whom can’t write even a single line properly.  Last week in the largest circulated local English daily here, a British wrote that in connection with his company he often has to go to Mombay for recruitment.  He writes there an Engineer don’t know Maths or Physics.  He finally contends that one can’t be sure the same person whom he interviewed in Mombay, would arrive abroad as the appointee.  Pakistani situation is not different at all.  Federal Public Service Commission’s concerns since years on deteriorating standard of education amongst the candidates self speak.

  1. This senior citizen with 45 plus year experience knew well the Documents in Embassies anywhere world are never attested by an Ambassador but only by the Consular and Consulate’s authorized staff.  For quite some long time we the ordinary often heard in talk shows about posting of our present Ambassador in Qatar; a political appointee as per Dr. Shahid Masood.  By attesting, he perhaps did “his” job.
  1. Five years or so back, I enquired from the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Islamabad, its full requirements for sale of plot.  It sent me some 8-10 specimen texts viz  applications from owner & buyer, affidavit, indemnity, undertaking etc., with the “written” instruction to get all these attested from the Pakistan Embassy.  Attestation from Embassies though is a short exercise but very cumbersome entailing high cost and time consuming.  After doing the needful, the completed Documents were sent to OPF. It refused to accept those and I was advised to come Lahore personally.  I had to.  The Director OPF telling me that the Documents attested by the Pakistani Missions were not acceptable to OPF, guided me to go to a named private Estate Agent on Main Raiwind Road.  On huge re-cost the Agent handed me over “same specimen-tested but his typed” ones, some of which were typed on pre-attested blanks by a Justice of Peace.
  1. I raised this issue.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs argued that the Missions verify only the “signature” and not the contents of the attested documents.  Justices of Peace, Notary Public and Oath Commissioners, mostly selling pre-attested blank documents, thus, perhaps in the wisdom of our Baboos in the Foreign Affairs and OPF not just verify the signature but also the contents of thousands of Documents throughout the country they daily attest as well as “bear” the responsibility!  In case of above letter, the Ambassador, under the above contention, just attested the signature and not the content of the said letter?


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