National Savings profit rates from July 2013

Pakistan government has revised the profit rates on National Savings Schemes (NSS) effective from July 1, 2013 till further notification. 

A spokesman of NSS centre said on Saturday the new rates of profit on different NSS have been made in the light of policy rate discount by State Bank of Pakistan from 9.50 percent to 9 percent (minus 50 basis points).

An official of the Central Directorate of National Savings said the new profit rate on Bahbood Savings Certificate would be now 12.24 after a decline of 0.48 percent.

Similarly new rate of interest on Defence Certificate would be 10.36 percent from its earlier rate of 10.80 percent. 

The new rate of profit on Savings Accounts would be now 6 percent after a decline of 0.65 percent in its interest rate, he added.

The government with the consent of finance experts in the Ministry of Finance launched different scheme last year for the benefit of small investors, but after finding some flaws in the said scheme, the government decided not to float the proposed NSS.

The NSS product maturities are across three to 10 years with profit rates ranging from 12 percent to 13 percent.

2 thoughts on “National Savings profit rates from July 2013”

  1. Middle class is already living hand to mouth, govt should realize their financial problems.
    the profit rate of national savings must be raised according to the prices of nessecities of life.

  2. Is there any hope of present Government to introduce a scheme akin to NDRP? This was ‘qarza utaroo, mulk sanwaro’ scheme which was launched by Nawaz Sharif in Feb1997 and lasted till Feb 2002. Many expartriate Pakistani’s transferred their savings from abroad and invested in NDRP which was a ‘win win’ situation for both the Govt and Expartriates. I am sure if NDRP is re-launched than even at low return rates of foreign currency accounts lots of us would be willing to replicate the theme. Thanks

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