Online investment facility for overseas Pakistanis under consideration

ISLAMABAD: The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) is considering launching three new investment instruments for promoting investment culture in the country. Launching of Registered Prize Bonds, Children Protection Certificates and Sharia Papers as well as providing online investment facility for overseas Pakistanis is also under consideration.

The federal government has decided to enlarge the scope of National Savings Schemes (NSS) in the country. The CDNS is also considering launching four new investment schemes like registered prize bonds, children protection certificates and Sharia Paper. CDNS is also planning to provide overseas Pakistanis facility of online investment in national saving schemes by upgrading the IT infrastructure. In this regard, CDNS will establish special counter for the overseas Pakistanis to facilitate them making investment of their savings abroad.

Investment in NSS through Pakistan post offices is also being considered and an agreement is also under consideration at present.

Under the proposed agreement, small investors would be able to make investment in NSS at around 7,000 post offices across the country. Facility of withdrawal of profit on national saving instruments through ATMs at all the commercial banks is also under consideration and negotiations with all the commercial banks are underway.

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