Only LDA can approve housing schemes in 4 districts of Lahore

Approval of accord for private housing schemes by any other government agency will be declared invalid

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) announced on Monday that any approval of accord for private housing scheme and land sub-division from any other government agency, except by the LDA, in the Lahore Division would be declared invalid and unlawful from a retrospective effect of September 19, 2013.
The LDA informed the public that LDA was the only competent and authorised body for granting approval of private housing scheme and land sub-division in four districts of Lahore Division including Lahore, Sheikupura, Nankan Sahib and Kasur.
In a press release issued by the authority on Monday, this is stated that except LDA, no other authority or town municipal administration, Tehsil municipal administration, any local body or any other government agency was authorised to approve any private housing scheme and land sub-division in Lahore Division, with the effect of September 19, 2013 and any approval accorded by any other government agency in Lahore Division, after this date stands invalid.
Under the provisions of Lahore Development Authority Act 1975, sponsors of the private housing schemes, farm housing schemes and land sub-divisions are not allowed to develop the scheme without approval of the LDA.
They are also not allowed to advertise any scheme or project prior to formal approval by LDA and after the approval of the schemes and land sub-divisions, the sponsors were not permitted to advertise the scheme without getting a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the LDA.
Development of private housing schemes without approval of LDA and publication of advertisement without obtaining NOC from Lahore Development Authority were illegal actions and punishable under Lahore Development Authority Act, 1975.
The LDA could take actions, including imposition of penalty on the sponsors, submission of complaints against sponsors in police station, and sealing or demolishing of illegal construction and development works in the scheme etc.
All sponsors or developers of private housing schemes and land sub-divisions have been advised to stop developing housing schemes and land sub-divisions and sale of the plots without approval of the schemes or land sub-divisions from LDA. They have also been asked to refrain from advertising the housing scheme without getting NOC from the authority.
In the interest of public at large, all advertising agencies too, have been requested to not to publish or broadcast any advertisement in print and electronic media without checking a duly issued NOC from the LDA.
The interested buyers of plots in any private housing scheme or land sub-division in jurisdiction of Lahore Division should get information about the legality of housing scheme or land sub-division and status of plots from LDA prior to finalising any deal.

Update: 31st January 2014;

LAHORE: Justice Shehzada Mazhar of the Lahore High Court on Thursday suspended two notifications of the Punjab government under which the Lahore Development Authority’s power were extended up to Lahore division, which comprises Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur and Nankana Sahib, and the role of the town municipal administration (TMA) was eliminated in approval of housing schemes.

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