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Under the directive of Chief Executive in Pakistan, a Complaint Cell had been established in the Ministry of Labour, Manpower & OPs on 14th June, 2001 directing OPF to expeditiously process the complaints of overseas Pakistanis received through the Complaints Cell of the Ministry. Subsequently, a Complaint Cell has been established/reorganized in OPF (Welfare & Special Initiative Division) on 19-09-2003. The cell deals with the following nature of complaints/grievances, which are usually received through Complaint Cell established in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Missions Abroad as well directly from the Overseas Pakistanis living aboard and their dependents in Pakistan :-

Following are the types of complaints which are dealt by complaint cell established in OPF.

  1. Property Disputes and Housing Societies
  2. Family Disputes
  3. Criminal Cases
  4. Telephone connection/problems
  5. Electricity connections/problems
  6. Sui Gas connection/problems
  7. Water connection
  8. PIA/Other Airlines cases
  9. Employments requests/recommendations

10. Financial Matters/Disputes

11. Bank related matters

12. Co-operative Societies/Taj Companys Claims

13. Advisory Services/General information

  1. Any other nature of complaints




  1. After examining the case in detail, the compliant received in OPF (Complaint Cell) is referred to the concerned quartars within 3/ 4 days positively.
  2. All complaints related to various provinces received at OPF Head Office are forwarded to OPF Regional Offices (Regional Heads) nominated as focal points vide PM, Secretariat U.O No. 1(1)/2003-OP (CC) Part dated 08-11-2003, already circulated vide OPF Head Office Letter No. 3014/26/Com. Cell/01 dated 25th November, 2003. Whereas, the complaints related to the accessible Districts to Head Office (i.e. Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, Attock, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha, Mianwali, Layyah, Khushab, Bakhar, Faisalabad, Haripur, Abbottabad, Manshera, Batgram, Shangla,, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalakot, Sudonti) are dealt directly by the Complaint Cell at OPF Head Office.
  3. The Regional office take up the case with the concerned authorities/department (focal points) for their appropriate action with a copy to applicant and OPF Head Office.
  4. First written reminder is issued after two weeks from the date of issue of original letter. The second reminder is sent to concerned quarters accordingly.
  5. If no response is received from the concerned department even after two reminders, the Regional Heads are requested to either send an officer to concerned department or talk to higher authorities for the resolution of complaint. The similar procedure will be followed in the Head Office. Such an action is required for two reasons. There are possibilities that letter has not reached the concerned quarters. If not received, the same is sent on correct address.
  6. The outcome from the concerned quarter is conveyed directly to the applicants by the Regional Office under intimation to Head Office (Complaint Cell).
  7. Regional offices submit their progress report on the required Performa on monthly basis for perusal of competent authority.
  8. Where the complaint remains unresolved despite efforts made by the Regional offices the matter is referred to Head Office for immediate and appropriate action at a senior level.

Note:  Overseas Pakistanis (Complaints) are advised to submit their complaints(with complete details and documentary proof) as per area of jurisdiction pertaining to their complaints for early resolution of grievances to minimize time gap before initial action.


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  • Tahir Hussain

    Dear Sir.

    Sir my name is Tahir Hussain I am resident of Z/30 Street 28 Dhoke Ratta Rawalpindi.Currently i am living in canada .I bought a plot No 104 in Gulstan-e-Fatima colony in 1990 then i come abroad.In 1996-97 my elder brother built my house on behalf of me I sent all money through Bank.After completion he stared living there.First he tried to grabe from me then he was thorown out by court decesion 2012.Soon after in Jan 2013 a group on land grabber got fake power of attorney from my brother on gun point and occupied my house when i heard bad news regarding illegal occupancy of my house i went to Pakistan and filed case against them in session court Rawalpindi.I have been going appearing in court for ten months but land grabber never appeared one day i resquested the judge i appear on every date but defendent never appear why do not give me virdict he replied pakistani addaltoon main yehi kuch hota hai.Then one day allof sudden i gotsick aad couldnt appear before the court and Judeg closed my file.Then i gave application in OPF and upill now didnt get any report i have sent all sort of proofs.Igave appliction to Chief minister Punjab FIA.in suream court high court but no one listen to me becaause lad grabbers have access evey where.Sir now i am hereby resquesting you please help me if you can Almight ALLAH will bless you.

    very truly yours

    Tahir Hussain

    31 Beverley Street

    Mississisauga ON L4T 1E9

    File refrence # is opf 3014/02/8340A