Overseas Pakistanis’ complaints to be addressed promptly, efficiently


The woes of over seven million expatriates landing at country’s airports from many world capitals have finally caught the attention of Federal Ombudsman office as it has decided to promptly tackle their complaints right on the spot and follow up their outstanding grievances with the departments concerned through an evaluation mechanism. 

Every effort would be made to better equip the airport authorities to both provide excellent services to overseas Pakistanis and to nab criminals, who try to smuggle out narcotics, Grievance Commissioner Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar told an evaluation meeting of all federal government departments concerned the other day at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

According to Ombudsman Secretariat sources Sunday, Hafeez Khokhar was informed by the officials concerned that powerful scanners were needed at the airport to completely stop smuggling of contraband items and foil design of smugglers to bring bad name to the country.

The Grievance Commissioner said Federal Ombudsman Salman Farooq was committed to improve image of the country and all his efforts were geared toward that end.

The first ever evaluation meeting was held at airport under the chairmanship of the Grievance Commissioner to review performance of recently established One Window Facilitation Desks at the airport.

It was also decided that requisite steps should be taken to beef up security at the airport to prevent any mishap.

It was decided to ensure that all the cabs operating at the airport should charge the fare fixed by the Rawalpindi Transport Authority. As the yellow cabs and Radio taxis charge passengers different rates hence it was decided that taxi fares should be displayed at airport’s vintage points.

The Grievance Commissioner visited various One Window Facilitation Desk set up at the airport and after consultation with the authorities concerned, decided that some of these desks should be established in lounge area where expatriates could register their complaints against different federal departments. If any desk was found unattended the head of the department concerned would be held responsible.

“We are here to improve image of each organisation, which in turn will bolster their image both in and outside the country,” said Hafiz Khokhar.

Since appointment of the grievance commissioner things moved at a quick pace as he had been personally responding to emails from expatriates.

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