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Pakistan National Saving Schemes: Profit Rates

There is another increase in profit rates starting from 1st January 2019. New profit rates are as under;

Important information regarding national saving schemes:





44 thoughts on “Pakistan National Saving Schemes: Profit Rates”

  1. Fazal Wadood Khan

    On Behbood is there any deduction and what is the limit of amount. l am interested in it and on monthly basis. Wish to invest upto 5 million I m overseas Pakistani.

        1. Salam brother thank you for repying to my concern abt maturity of post office saving bonds. I have sent several emails to and have had No corraspondance from them. Can u please look into the query for me would be most appreciated.

        2. Salam I put 5 lakh aft pension & 2.5 million in behbood scheme, My question is can I put 5 lakh more in behbood scheme ? Thanx

        3. Regarding BSC,
          (i) what is required for documentation to register to purchese BSC;
          (ii) How an overseas Pakistani can apply, if abroad;
          (iii) How to transfer the amount to purchase BSC (if abroad);
          (iv) Is profit withdrawal possible on monthly basis;
          v) If profit stays there, will it be considered to agreegate the principal, for further profit,
          vi) Withdrawal of profit only by the geneuine depositor or his dependent may receive;
          vii) Possibility of encashment of of BSC at any time


        4. sir I m Pakistani living in uae and I want to know my father is pensioner in Pakistan and he has 1 account in national saving for pensioner and in that account he has 2.5 million Pakistani rupees I want to know can he open new account to invest 2.5 million again in pensioner saving scheme is it allow able thanks

          1. At the prevailing rates monthly profit of Rs.1120/- is paid on investment of each Rs.100,000/-. This way the profit rate works to 13.44% p.a. Automatic reinvestment of profit facility to earn further profit is not admissible in this scheme at the scheme’s rate. The monthly profit, if not drawn on due date shall not earn further profit.

        5. if both husband and wife jointly invest in Behbood Saving Certificate, both of them are above 65 years. the maximum limit would be 6 million in that case?

          3 million limit is for one person right?

          1. Mustafa Kamal sahib
            Since profit on BSC is paid on monthly basis, you can en-cash and reinvest in someone else’s name provided, he/she is also a senior citizen.

        6. Sir, my question is: if a pensioner or senior citizen deposited deposited 100000 RS 1 lak in buhbood or pensioner account in 2011 at rate prevailing at that time and now he want to deposit an other 1000000 RS 10 laks in same account. will he get monthly income at same rate of 2011 or it will change to present rates. i will be thankful for your reply.

          1. For long term investment, Defence Saving Certificates are better option. Please read the following;
            Rate of Return for Defence Saving Certificates
            In this scheme the profit is paid on maturity or encashment for completed years. Every Rs.100,000/- will become Rs.105,000/-, Rs.111,000/-, Rs.118,000/-, Rs.126,000/-, Rs.135,000/-, Rs.145,000/-, Rs.156,000/-, Rs.169,000/-, Rs.185,000/- and Rs.205,000/- on completion of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years, respectively. These rates are effective from 1st Oct, 2016. The average compound rate of return on maturity presently works to 7.44% p.a. For any other time period rates table is also available on website.
            Zakat and Tax
            Exemption of deduction of Withholding tax has been withdrawn w.e.f 01-07-2013 on profit of investment upto Rs.150, 000 . W.e.f. 1st July,2014 the rate of tax to be deducted under Section 151 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 shall be 10% of the yield or profit for Filers and 17.5% of the yield or profit paid for Non-Filers. Provided that for a non-filer, if the yield or profit paid is rupees five hundred thousand or less, the rate shall be 10%. The Zakat is collected at source as per rules..

        7. NSC Branch made wrong deducted of tax during calculation of profit payment of my DSC and later gave me a certificate of wrong tax deducted amount to claim from tax department. The error was done by NSC and customer has to suffer to hire an Advocate & pay his fee which might exceed than claim amount & wastage of time also. Is it possible that Branch could adjust it in their monthly tax statement which they send to their Regional office on monthly basis & return the wrong deducted amount to the customer. The same was asked the Branch but they refused the proposal. Could you please give me correct answer about my case.

        8. No where it is mentioned that government has imposed income tax and with holding tax on defence saving certificates as a result people are trapped , after deduction of tax there is nothing left. Government should display tax rates on web sites and boldly at saving schemes offices

        9. This institution is headed by corrupt mafia. If they were serious they would have Dollars Account payable in dollars to overseas or in currency of their choice. The profit payment can easily be made through ATM Cards.
          But these are inept and most incompetent people running these institutions. Shame

        10. Aslam O Alliakum,
          Could you please provide me information regarding Defence saving certificate. I am living in USA last 30 years. Last time on June 4th 2007, I withdrawal my Defence saving certificate and I re-invested Defence Saving Certificate Rs.10 lakh on June 4th 2007. Please keep in mind that i re-invested and the certificate was issued with my same account that originally issued back in 1996. On the back of certificate, Value is printed after 10 years Rs. 5250000.00. Is this correct?
          I need to know what is the face value of Rs. 10 lakh as of today and also what is the process to if I need withdrawal today from USA.
          I did not pay any taxes because living outside Pakistan when I withdrawal on June 4th 2007. Taxes are not allowed to pay if living abroad.
          I will be really appreciate if someone provide me complete information’s
          Thank you and Regards

        11. On my regular income certs I went to cash my interest after 18 month’s as in the mean time Tax rate was increased from 12.5% to 15% prior to 3 month’s they deducted my tax on the entire saving to 15%. as they should have deducted 12.5% for 15 month’s & 15% for 3 months. They said that this is my fault not taking monthly as they were sitting on my interest for 18 month’s. sept-2017

        12. I had purchased DSC from NIB bank which has been acquired by MCB . Is it possible, other than the bank if I can be redeemed it at the national saving centre or will have to go to the bank itself

          1. Please give name and address of a senior saving Scheme department in Islamabad to lodge complaint, give suggestion and request extensions in in the date of encashment of Rs 7500/- and Rs15000/ prize bonds which are expiring shortly because I am out of country and can not return to Pakistan before March 2022

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