Pakistani expatriates praised for promoting culture

Arab News report by Ali Fayyaz

saudia-pk1Pakistani expatriates are doing well to promote the country’s culture and traditions in the Kingdom.

This is according to Ambassador Muhammad Naeem Khan, who underlined the importance of culture and civilization during a heritage event entitled “Virsa-e-Pakistan” at the Pakistan Embassy on Friday night.
“I appreciate the efforts of the Pakistan community to keep our culture and traditions alive in the Kingdom through the programs they have been holding. I always wish to see such programs because they engender love of culture and tradition,” Khan said during the event.
He said the Pakistan Embassy was home to the Pakistani community in the Kingdom. “I wish all Pakistanis including women, men and youngsters remain constantly in contact with embassy,” Khan said.
He said that during the event, which was also Pakistani’s Defense Day, the country looked like one nation. People expressed a lot of passion for the country and its religion, he said.
“We have to be involved to solve the problems of Pakistan. We are all one when it comes to our country,” Khan said.
Virsa-e-Pakistan was hosted at the embassy by the Needs and Style Group which showcased Pakistani culture, customs and traditions, cuisine, village life, folklore, music, vintage musical instruments, Mushaira (poetry recitations), skits and tableaus, and inspirational and patriotic songs.
Khan said plans are under way to arrange more cultural programs in the Kingdom.
Shamshad Ali Saddiqui, a Pakistani expat, said that Defense Day was important for the country.
“It showcases the love of the Pakistani community for our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the protection of Pakistan.”
“We are all responsible for the security of Pakistan. I pay tribute to all Pakistani martyrs.”
Sajida Chaudhary, Virsa-e-Pakistan organizer and a social worker, said there was a need to promote Pakistan’s cultural diversity in the Kingdom. “I urge the Pakistani community to take part in all future events to promote the culture and traditions of Pakistan,” she said.
“Cultural events provide our youngsters with knowledge and gives them a chance to show their skills and talent,” she said.
Khan and his wife attended the event as chief guests. Other embassy officials were also present with about 350 Pakistani community members.
The performers and organizers included Zain Jameel, Waleed Jameel, Waqas Rana, Zohaib Rafique, Mohsin Khan, Adil, Sufiyan Khan, Bilal Arshad, Raza Khan, Talal, Mohib Khan, Omar Khalid, Asad, Maimoona Shaheen Ahmad, Shamaila Shahbaz and Farzeen Nasir.
The renowned poets Javid Akhter Javid, Waqar Naseem Wamiq and Shenaz Muzamil presented their work.
The events concluded with the prize distribution ceremony and the Pakistani envoy handed out certificates to the organizing team and performers.


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