Pension Scheme for overseas Pakistanis 18

Overseas Pakistanis Pension Trust  Introduction

A self contributory scheme designed with you “Overseas Pakistanis” in mind. We more than anyone, understand exactly what is required of Overseas Pakistanis especially when it comes to providing for financial security and stability to their loved ones here at home in “Pakistan”. OPF’s mandate is to work solely for Overseas Pakistanis and we feel proud to bring this unique pension scheme for the masses.


Overseas Pakistanis who are living abroad and are registered with Overseas Pakistanis Foundation as members can subscribe to the Pension Scheme. Unregistered Overseas Pakistanis can obtain membership by filling the Membership Form and sending the prescribed fee of Rs. 2,000/- to OPF and become eligible to apply for the Pension Scheme.

Salient Features

  • No age restrictions for becoming members.
  • Option to purchase more than one unit.
  • Time based maturity for pension payments.
  • Pension payments continue for the life and beyond (family and children). On final termination of the plan, the principal amount and the profit (if any) would be returned to rightful owner.
  • Immediate payment of pension in case of death or total disability (Not available for Islamic Pension plans)
  • Option for withdrawal from the scheme any time before and after maturity.
  • 50% encashment facility.
  •  Pension payment through nearest bank in Pakistan .



Types of Plan

Contribution in 
Pak Rupees

Maturity Period

Expected Return on Maturity


(Rs. Per Annum)


120,000 Lump Sum

5 Years




120,000 Lump Sum

10 Years




120,000 Lump Sum

15 Years




24,000 Per Annum
for 10 years

10 Years




24,000 Per Annum
for 15 years

15 Years




Types of Plan

Contribution in 
Pak Rupees

Maturity Period

Expected Return on Maturity


(Rs. Per Annum)


120,000 Lump Sum

5 Years

12% – 15%

14,400 – 18,492


120,000 Lump Sum

10 Years

20% – 25%

24,000 – 29,784


120,000 Lump Sum

15 Years

30% – 40%

36,000 – 47,964


24,000 Per Annum
for 10 years

10 Years

12% – 16%

28,800 – 40,260


24,000 Per Annum
for 15 years

15 Years

18% – 22%

64,800 – 80,268

  • Expected percentage return are shown for illustration purpose only and the actual payment depends on the rate declared periodically by the Board of Trustees.
  • Pension contributions for B-01,B-02,B-03 and B-04 Plans can also be deposited on six monthly basis.
  • Increase in monthly pension will commensurate with the size of contribution and period after which the pension payments are matured.
  • Availability of POC or NICOP essential for membership of the scheme.


How to Subscribe

Please select a suitable Plan from the available options and fill the Application Form, attach two photographs and a copy of your OPF membership card and send it to Overseas Pakistanis Pension Trust (Regd.) Islamabad.  If you are not a member of OPF please fill in the OPF Membership Form and send it with OPPT application form. OPF membership fee is Rs. 2,000/-.


After receipt of the complete application and its scrutiny, OPPT will advise the exact US Dollar amount to be remitted for your selected plan including the Registration Fee chargeable @ US $ 25/-, along with detailed procedure of safe and inexpensive remittance. For further details please write to the OPPT at the following address:

Overseas Pakistanis Pension Trust (Regd.)

OPF Head Office Building,

P. O. Box No. 1470, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat,

Sector G-5/2, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.







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18 thoughts on “Pension Scheme for overseas Pakistanis

  • Fazal Wadood Khan

    It is really a good news for pension to Overseas Pakistani, when it will be implemented and how much the contribution will be, what about those Pakistanis who are already left are will leave within next couple of days, the subject is very interested and beneficial for all overseas Pakistanis and i would suggest to start it at the earliest and i am confident you will receive a fantastic response in this regards.

    Thanks and Best Regards.
    Fazal Wadood Khan

    • Raheem

      Dear Fazal Wadood Khan sahib
      Please see above table for details. For example if you pay 12000 rupees one time, after 5 years your pension will be around 18000 per year and so on.

    • Muhammad Faisal

      Dear Fazal Wadood khan,

      Pension scheme has been started, any overseas Pakistanis who are leaving abroad or have come back permanently to Pakistan can participate in Pension scheme. if the person is in Pakistan less than 3 years can take pension scheme and if the person is needy and not able to work can apply for financial aid, and poor or needy overseas Pakistanis can apply for their children’s scholarship.
      for more details all OP’s can contact on 0092-51-9201761.

  • M. Aslam

    I would like to ask two questions.

    1:- What would be total ammount of RS 120000 after maturity of 5 years and 10 years.
    2:- My Mrs and me have been transferring Euro`s time to time in our UBL ( FC Account as € and in RS in PLS Saving account ), can We deposit this money in pension scheme.

    Please guide and waiting for your response.
    Many Regards
    M. Aslam – Summira Aslam

    • Muhammad Faisal

      Dear Mr Aslam,

      Thanks for taking interest in Pension scheme.
      1. if you invest Rs.120,000/- and purchase 5 year plan, pension would be Rs.1541/-pm annual profit is not fix so i can not tell you the exact amount, whatever profit our organisation earn we distribute that profit in to our members according to their investment.
      2. yes you can investment from your Euro account.
      for more details all OP’s can contact on 0092-51-9201761.

      Muhammad Faisal


        Dear Sir,

        I am an Overseas Pakistani, working in Abu Dhabi – UAE.
        I am member of OPF already.

        I am interested in Pension Scheme and kindly advise me, where i can get the further information and get this facility in UAE.

        Best Regards,


  • Fahad

    I am confused, for how long will the pension be given ?
    I mean if I opt A-01 plan, could you please tell me for how many years I can receive the pension amount.
    Also, what is the security of the money ?

  • Naeem Akhter

    Dear Faisal Sb,

    I am happy to see this pension scheme. I am working in Riyadh but belongs to Multan. Can I get OPF membership and pension plan in your Multan office by visiting there personally. I don’t know about presence of Multan office.

    Pls reply me.

    Best Regards,


    • Muhammad Faisal

      Dear Naeem Akhtar

      Yes you can visit to our Multan Office at following address

      House No. 2674/9, B-Block, Justice Hameed Colony, Near MDA Chowk, Multan.
      Telephone- 061 – 9239060


      Muhammad Faisal

  • Sadaqat Ali

    Dear Sir,

    If i buy Islamic Plac 120000 for 10 Year

    1- How do I need to pay ? on e time monthly ? six month ?

    2-How can I get pension back and for how long time it will be given ? Next 10 Year or whole life ? or until my amount is finished ?

    3-If I will pay in 10 Years then how can I will get return amount ? Monthly pension ? or one time ?

    4- Allah forbid if I return to Pakistan due to any reason ? what will be the scenario in that case.
    5-Can i buy same scheme for my wife or family they are living with me in Jeddah

    What are the other benefits ? how come this scheme is Islamic ?

    Thank You very much

  • Noreen Mukhtar

    I also need information regarding this pension scheme for overseas pakistanis. I would really appreciate any input from OPF members who are already using this pension scheme and how it is working for the?

  • Chaudhary Mohammad Adan Bashir

    I’m confused about pension scheme plan if i choose plan B-04 I deposit 24000 one time or every year ? Or I Get Pension after 10 or 15 years or Annually ?