Rawalpindi Municipal Administration declared 39 housing schemes fake

Municipal Administration (MA) Potohar Town has declared 39 housing schemes fake and bogus in its jurisdiction. These housing schemes do not exist on ground, as they are not holding any head office and any land. There are 67 housing schemes operating in the jurisdiction of Potohar town. 7 among them are approved and files of 15 housing schemes, which fulfill all the necessary conditions, are under consideration for approval. 6 housing schemes had sent applications to former district council Rawalpindi for seeking approval but final approval was not given to them nor did they complete the documentary proceedings as per Punjab Private Housing Scheme Rules 2005. As many as 39 housing schemes have been declared bogus so far. The housing schemes which have been declared bogus include Islam Green Valley, Jammu and Kashmir Enterpriser, Khan Model town, Latif Abad, Rawalpindi Green city phase-11, Dubai city, Peace city, Gulshan Balgram Alhon garden, Ali motorway city, Classic city, Hina town, Jaffria town, Gulshan Sangral, Khyber model town, Gulshan Subhan, Gulshan Mustafa, Gulshan Mohammadi, Indus city, Khyber city, City light, Alharmain town, Saleh city, Sanam Valley, Osama town, Qartaba coroporation, Qartaba farming, and other housing schemes. Administrator Potohar town has warned the citizens not to enter into any business deal with these housing schemes in terms of purchase or sale of plots. ONLINE

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