Saudis are helping Pakistani expatriates to become legal

Abubakar Memon, President of Pakistan business community in Jeddah has said Saudi officials are sympathetic and they are helping Pakistani expatriates to overcome difficulties due to new laws and regulations with regards to illegal foreign nationals staying in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Pakistan Observer, Abubakar Memon who was here on an invitation from PML (N) to participate in oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, said these laws and regulations are applied to each and every expatriate hailing from different countries. About forty thousand Indians have been deported so far, he said.

Muhammed Naeem Khan, Pakistan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his staff are working day and night to help and guide illegal Pakistanis. Five thousand illegal Pakistanis have gone back on their desire.

There are about 1.2 Pakistanis and mostly they are legal. There is no truth that 300000 Pakistanis as published in Pakistani press will be deported, he said

Saudi Authorities have given July 3, 2013 as the deadline for illegal expatriates. They have to go back or they will get employment under the rules.

However, he said Saudi Authorities have asked those who had been staying in Saudi Arabia illegally since July, 3, 2008 to go back to their countries. They can come back after getting legal employment, he said. A section of illegal Pakistanis staying in Saudi Arabia since July 3, 2008 can be affected by these laws. However, Saudi firms have come forward to help Pakistanis. He said expatriates hailing from South Punjab and upper Sindh are the most affected. He advised Pakistanis not come to Saudi Arabia on ‘Azad visa” as this an illegal method to entre in Saudi Arabia. Abubakar said there is great need of Pakistan workforce. Pakistanis are dominating in construction and transport industries, he said.

At present, a team of Saudis are in Pakistan conducting interviews of doctors for service in Saudi Arabia. The interviews will continue till Sunday, he said.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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