Speed up development work at OPF Valley Islamabad 6

NA body directs Overseas Pakistanis Foundation

National Assembly Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource has directed Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) to gear up the development work at OPF Valley Zone -V, Islamabad to hand over physical possession of plots to the allotees with in shortest possible time. 
The Committee also constituted a sub-committee of the National Assembly to resolve matters between OPF and FWO amicably.  The 11th meeting of the committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development was held today here at the site of OPF Valley Zone-V, Islamabad.  The meeting was chaired by Mir Amir Ali Khan Magsi and was attended by members of the committee, Managing Director OPF, Habib Ur Rehman Khan, Director General, FWO, Major General Muhammad Afzal and senior officers of  FWO and OPF.   The meeting reviewed the progress report pertaining to OPF Valley Zone-V, Islamabad and directed the authorities concerned to speed up development work at OPF Valley Zone-V.
, Islamabad.
Managing Director OPF and Director General FWO briefed the committee about development works at the scheme and informed the participants that major portion of development work has been completed. The meeting was apprised that effective measures have been taken to expedite development work and timely completion of the project.
The participants of the meeting expressed their reservations over delay in completion of development work at OPF Valley Zone-V and directed the authorities concerned to take all measures for early completion of the project for handing over the possession of plots to overseas Pakistanis.

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6 thoughts on “Speed up development work at OPF Valley Islamabad

  • Jawaid

    Kindly advise me when gas and electricity is expected to be available in OPF valley without which no construction is likely to take place. I bought my plot in 1995 with a great degree of optimism but unfortunately I m stuck with meager capital gain. The value of plots bought by people in other societies have gone up many folds. Please advise what compensation OPF is planning for those who bought plots when the project was launched in 1995, Jazzak Allah Khair

  • Mukhtar Muhammad Jadoon

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly, can you advise me when the work will be complete for Block C and I have plot in Block C AND STASTUS MUKHTAR MUHAMMAD JADOON

  • Imran Janjua

    For the past 20 years I have been writing a letter yearly and OPF is returned always writes the following “we are able to hand over the possession of plots to respective allottees soon ” .

    Please sent all owners a letter where you give a deadline for when you will finish the job and how you will compensate if you do not meet this deadline. Let people know with honestly how you will finalize this unsuccessful project.

    You should have the post address for all your allottees?

    I dont know if OPF is aware of just how bad image they have due to this project?

    If money has been wasted by OPF, please let people know the truth, so people can move on with their lives and try to save up money for some new investment in some other organization or company.

    I would highly recommend OPF to clean up their act and sent letters to all owners with an honest deadline and AN APOLOGY for the lack of professionalism and communication over the years.

    Imran Janjua

  • iqbal asgar

    Dear Friends and Families

    Take a deep breath…and just look around over our beloved country, the way its being operated and managed at all levels, be it lower or higher, absolutely uncommitted and unprofessional behavior, where dishonesty is the way of life. ASTAGH FARULLAH, LA HOUL WALLA KUWATA ILLA BILLA

    I am surprised how are you expecting something good from OPF, Would you ever image that OPF is working on this project from the last 22 Years. Please be informed that the cash, they collected from overseas Pakistanis has already been consumed by corrupt officials and the concerned ministers. They are living hungry vultures in our society, and nothing, we people can do about them. They live and enjoy on dead human flesh.

    They have surely few more years to live, and then go to their graves with corruption money. Trust me and feel happy that they have eaten your “hard earned money” they will certainly leave handicapped, sick and misery families behind to cry for the rest of their lives.


    Thank you
    With best regards