Behbood Savings

Information about National Saving Schemes 4

Defence Savings Certificates These Certificates can be purchased from any National Savings Centre (NSC), Pakistan Post Offices (PPO), Authorized branches of Scheduled Banks and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) by filling in a prescribed form called SC-1, which is available at all the above offices of issue free of cost. […]

Pakistan National Saving Schemes: Profit Rates 43

There is another increase in profit rates starting from 1st January 2019. New profit rates are as under; Important information regarding national saving schemes: PROFIT RATES:  DEFENSE SAVING CERTIFICATES CLICK HERE. PROFIT RATES: SPECIAL SAVING CERTIFICATES CLICK HERE. PROFIT RATES: REGULAR INCOME CERTIFICATES CLICK HERE. PROFIT RATES:BEHBOOD SAVING CERTIFICATES  CLICK […]