New tax on lowest paid overseas Pakistanis only

By Muhammad Javed

There is a lot of hue and cry from the business community, from their sympathizer anchors, columnists on the recent imposition of 0.6% tax, later reduced to 0.3% seeing the power of businessmen on the banking transactions. As since 7-8 years our rulers care much for the rich, Nawaz Sharif has imposed a tax of Rs. 300 on those Overseas Pakistanis who are very poor and send their family less than Rs. 20,000/-.  They are mostly laborer class.  Those who send above Rs. 20,000 have been exempt from this tax. It is same policy of Nawaz Sharif to tax the kerosene oil but give maximum possible concessions on import of high capacity luxury cars.

Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed most specifically and some anchors who generally speak so much showing their empty love and care for the Overseas Pakistanis, have not spoken even a single word about this tax.  Imran and Sheikh Rasheed has proved, once again, that their rhetoric for these Overseas Pakistanis is only limited and restricted to getting votes from them.

Is there anyone who could raise his voice against this unfair and unjustified tax on the poorest overseas Pakistanis?

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