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The United Bank Limited (UBL) is known to be in the frontline of offering customized financial products and services, which cater to all segments of customers.

In addition to the 1,300 branches within Pakistan, UBL has an extensive international network covering Tanzania, China, Switzerland, UK, USA and the gulf countries, where UBL has been serving the local communities as well as catering to the specific needs of the Non-resident Pakistani’s (NRPs).

The NRPs are a vital source of foreign exchange entering the country by ways of remittances.

As per recent statistics, more than 8 million Pakistanis are living aboard in the Middle East, Europe and America, being the major remittance originating regions that made Pakistan the 7th large remittance market in the world.

To cater to the needs of the NRPs, UBL has launched “NRP banking” and has become the first bank in Pakistan to provide a comprehensive suite of products.

NRP banking offers complete array of banking and investment services from deposits to priority banking services, including investment services as well as a range of loans products – thereby making UBL the first bank to offer a holistic solution to the NRP’s banking and investment needs under one roof.

Offerings under this umbrella include deposit accounts, priority banking, car and home loans, credit cards, mutual funds, Internet and mobile banking and access to stock and real estate markets.

UBL President Wajahat Husain along with senior executives of the bank attended the NRP launch event where they introduced NRP banking product suite to the media.

“UBL’s global network has given us the unique opportunity to offer products and services that intrinsically suit the financial needs of the NRPs”, Husain said at the event.

He said the launch of UBL NRP banking services would not only brings a positive stimulus to the country’s economy but also doing our part in bringing Pakistan closer to our fellow countrymen residing overseas.


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    Before opening a bank account, it is best to inquire about the banking services provided by the institution. There are several banks which allow non-resident Pakistanis to open a bank account. Although the services may be limited to a non-resident account, it can still be utilized to send money online to Pakistan through a digital money transfer platform.